Spartan FAQ’s


Q. What is a SpartanCoin?
A. SpartanCoin is a new crypto currency designed to work within the world community. Our goal is to become a house hold name in useable currency.

Q. How can I help?
A. If you have any desire to be part of something big, feel free to send us a message with skills you possess and we would be happy to discuss any opportunity with the SpartanCoin Development team.

Q. Can I donate to help fund current and future projects?
A. Yes! visit our donation page and see how you can help. We also have a section for anyone who donates within one of our tier levels you may receive a gift if you wish.

Q. Can I invest in SpartanCoin?
A. Yes we have an investment opportunity that is available for a limited time. Please see our Investment page for details on how you can be a part of a growing community.

Q. What is Phase 1?
A. Phase 1 is the first phase and the best opportunity for anyone looking to be a part of SpartanCoin. Phase 1 offers a percent of coins (premined) as well as monthly residual distribution of SpartanCoin earnings from any current and future fee based services.

Q. What is Phase 2?
A. Phase 2 offers a percent of coins (premined).

Q. Why are you offering residual distribution?
A. We believe if we offer an opportunity for individuals to receive a long term reward for helping start this project, they will continue to support and promote SpartanCoin long after the premined coin distribution is finalized. Phase 1 investors have a lifetime of rewards ahead, so why not help support the growth of your future.

Q. Is premining good or bad?
A. This is a challenging question. As for the purpose of premining, that in itself determines its value. SpartanCoin isn’t just a new coin and left at the will of the world to survive. We consider it a business, and it is our business to make sure SpartanCoin succeeds. But that will not come without cost. Our efforts will benefit you and anyone involved in this coin. We appreciate your concerns and are readily available to answer any questions.

Q. What channels will you use to promote SpartanCoin?
A. There are so many. Simply put….all of them…somehow in some way. But more specifically we will be using services such as Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, GooglePlus to name a few. We have marketing material scheduled and ready to implement. Once established and viable we will be approaching major markets outside of Social Media to begin accepting our coins as well. We have a schedule and will adhere to it. If you would like to Invest or just simply Donate we would be delighted to have you on board.