Day 3 after launch

Things are running smooth now after the Big launch date last week. We are getting things under way to spread the word about SpartanCoin to as many places and people as possible. Twitter is going good with many new followers. Make sure you click the link and press the follow button to stay up-to-date on the latest news with all things Spartan. see SpartanCoin on Twitter forum is a chatter box with individual helping out. Check out Sammy007 post on the thunderclap campaign. Cast your vote and show your support for the Spartan Community. 100 votes is our goal and the Thunder will come. Aroo!!

Also on, LVMinatore has set up a Reddit tipping War!! to help spread the word. Make sure you check that out and share the link with anyone and everyone to make sure they get their Free Spartancoins. is having a ‘get-coins’ giveaway as well. Make sure you check them out and show your support. Amazing team over there on Cryptosandwich providing the best and latest news on the coin giveaways.

And last but not least on Facebook we have the official Spartancoin Facebook page having a Spartan 300 Giveaway. All you have to do is share the page on your timeline and post your SPN wallet address and 300 SPN will appear in your wallet in not time.

Thank you to all who have supported us from the beginning. Welcome everyone to the Spartan Community. Aroo!!

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