Spartacoin 1st Community Contest worth 1,000,000 SPN

Spartancoin’s 1st Community Contest. Details: Everyone is welcome to enter into the contest, design skills are probably needed here. Contest is open to submit an idea for 3 weeks. After that we will combine all the entries into one folder and the voting will begin. The individual with the most votes will win the grand […]

Day 3 after launch

Things are running smooth now after the Big launch date last week. We are getting things under way to spread the word about SpartanCoin to as many places and people as possible. Twitter is going good with many new followers. Make sure you click the link and press the follow button to stay up-to-date on […]

The Face Behind Bitcoin

ORIGINAL STORY HERE Satoshi Nakamoto stands at the end of his sunbaked driveway looking timorous. And annoyed. He’s wearing a rumpled T-shirt, old blue jeans and white gym socks, without shoes, like he has left the house in a hurry. His hair is unkempt, and he has the thousand-mile stare of someone who has gone […]

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We have finished the coin website and are ready to launch the ICO offering. We are currently in the Phase 1 portion of the offering which is by far the best. We need your help in building a great community and we want to say Thank you with our ICO Phase one offering.

All About SpartanCoin and the Cryptoworld

As the development continues to grow we have been continually looking for ways to keep everyone up to date. This is a very dynamic and young market we are in and information is critical. We are looking to provide news pertaining to SpartanCoin from development to implementation in order to keep you informed. Please check […]

Updating Donations Page

One of the many legs we need to build a strong spartan community is the Donations page. We have been working to built a sustainable project are very excited about the possibilities ahead. With your help during our development phase, we can begin build foundation for a lasting endeavor. On the donations page we are […]