Spartacoin 1st Community Contest worth 1,000,000 SPN

Spartancoin’s 1st Community Contest.
Everyone is welcome to enter into the contest, design skills are probably needed here. Contest is open to submit an idea for 3 weeks. After that we will combine all the entries into one folder and the voting will begin. The individual with the most votes will win the grand prize.

Prizes are as follows:
1st Place – 1,000,000 Spartancoins
2nd Place – 500,000 Spartancoin
3rd place – 250,000 Spartancoins

The first 10 entries will receive 5,000 Spartancoins. Please email your idea to to be included in the contest.

Submission date begins 3-31-2014 and ends 4-21-2014

Good luck everyone. Any questions PM Spartancoin anytime.

*We reserve the right to exclude any submission into the contest.



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